Short description

Our film won’t be a typical TV-documentary, rather an experimental and cinematic film. It will consist of a documentary part that follows our protagonists daily struggle and which problems they are facing. A second layer will be a fictional storyline that translates their philosophies into an utopia for society as a whole. The outcome of this little frame story will not be clear, it should rather evoke questions. Both layers will alternate and merge throughout the film.

Our goal

We filmmakers are representatives of a generation that is supposed be the “digital natives”. But we feel like we are using the internet much too carelessly. That‘s why we want to dive into the perspective of the people who actually understand it. To finally learn how we can preserve it as the free and open place we learned to love.

We already got used to knowing our privacy online is not that well protected. It just doesn‘t effect us much until now. That‘s why we want to show how important privacy can be for activists who are in opposition to their rulers.

We want to learn about the utopias that appear in our protagonist’s minds and interpret probable visions of how our society can handle it’s being with the internet. How are these people and how do they live? What’s happening in their minds? That’s the part where our fictional storytelling finds its very potential.


Filmlength about 30-45 min

Filming will take place in June/July

Production by University of Television and Film Munich

Anxious about being in front of a camera? To be identifiable?

For our project it is NOT necessary to actually show the protagonists. We rather want to do a little experimental cinematic piece out of it. So we will find a creative way too keep you anonymous.